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We at Infinity Health Source are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives by treating the underlying cause of disease with comprehensive diagnostics and innovative natural therapies. We blend science and modern medicine with the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine to comprehensively serve your healthcare needs. Whether you have an acute or chronic condition, younger or older, we can provide you with personalized medicine and preventative care that will facilitate your return to optimal health. If you have questions regarding what or how we treat, do not hesitate to contact us


Services Offered

Naturopathic Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, Low Level Laser Therapy, Micro-current Therapy, Bio-Electromagnetic Therapy, Adjunctive and Complementary Cancer Care, Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling, Pharmaceutical, Neutraceutical, Botanical and Homeopathic preparations, Anti-Aging, Hormonal Support and Preventative Medicine



Facial Rejuvenation